In light of the current COVID-19 Emergency, the State of Alaska has made changes to some aspects of the SNAP program including to eligibility requirements and the process of submitting and processing applications. Click here for the most up to date information on the COVID-19 SNAP Response.

For assistance with your SNAP application, or with any questions, please reach out to the SNAP Outreach Team:
Call: (907) 222-3119
Text: (907) 891-8913
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Frequently Asked Questions

Review our About SNAP (Food Stamps) page for complete information.

Review our Am I Eligible? page for complete information.

Review our Apply page for complete information.

First, you need to complete an application, collect supporting documents and submit it to Public Assistance (an outreach specialist can help you with this - contact us).

Second, you do an interview with Public Assistance (which can be done either in person or over the phone).

Third, Public Assistance will make a determination about eligibility. If you qualify, you will receive a Quest (EBT) card with monthly money for food.

SNAP benefits can be used to buy food, such as breads, cereals, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, poultry and dairy products. You can also buy seeds and plants which produce food that you can eat.

SNAP benefits cannot be used for alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, pet foods, household supplies, medicines, prepared/hot foods.

No, the unused SNAP benefits carry over into following months for up to one year.

The average monthly SNAP benefit in Alaska is $166 per person ($41 higher than the national average). That equals an extra $1,002 per year to spend on food!

The minimum monthly SNAP benefit amount is $19 (This still equals an extra $228 per year to spend on food!) The maximum monthly benefit amount depends on your location. Please see the chart below and contact a SNAP Outreach worker to ask about specific communities.

Household Size




Rural I


Rural II

1 $230 $293 $357
2 $422 $538 $655
3 $604 $771 $938
4 $767 $979 $1191
5 $911 $1162 $1415
6 $1094 $1395 $1698
7 $1209 $1542 $1876
8 $1382 $1762 $2145
Each additional $+173 $+220 $+268

Households may use SNAP benefits to purchase subsistence fishing/hunting equipment if they live in certain approved communities with limited access to retail stores and rely substantially on hunting and fishing for subsistence. Find out more here.

Yes, you might still qualify. The benefits will be calculated as part of your unearned income.

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